Andrew McNiven


Andrew McNiven is a British/Irish artist, academic and curator. Born in Edinburgh in 1963, he studied fine art at Goldsmiths' College in London, graduating in 1987, a contemporary of many of the artists who rose to international prominence during the 1990s. He received his MA from Goldsmiths' in 1995. Since 1990 his work has been shown internationally by amongst others: the Lisson Gallery; the Whitechapel Gallery; and the Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. He was a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art until 2003 and completed an AHRC-funded, practice-led PhD at Northumbria University in 2010.  He is currently Visiting Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture at Zeppelin Universität in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


He is based in Dunbar, in Scotland.

Recent Work/Projects

Alauda Arvensis (Torness) 2018, infinitely-looped 4k digital video, multi-channel digital audio (work-in-progress)


Andrew McNiven: 50Hz (Audio Described) 2018


HD video, stereo audio, audio description. Commission for University of Wolverhampton


In this new work, both image and sound is audio described for all audiences in a collaboration with Dr Louise Fryer of University College London and BBC Radio 3. The project aims to demonstrate how an existing practice, audio description, developed to increase access for the blind and partially-sighted, can also function as part of a creative process for all audiences.


A central interest in the work is the idea of ‘attention’ and this work aims to reframe the audience’s relationship to the sonic environment by provoking their attention through the directing-to and fore-fronting of ambient sound together with the related image.

Andrew McNiven:A636, 2017.

Infinitely looped HD digital video, stereo audio.

Andrew McNiven: No. (2017).

HD digital video, stereo audio.

(Mean Streets ©1973, Martin Scorcese, Jumping Jack Flash ©1968, The Rolling Stones)

Andrew McNiven: 50 Hz, 2017.

Infinitely looped HD digital video, stereo audio.

Andrew McNiven: 50 Hz (West Sussex), 2017.

Infinitely looped HD digital video, stereo audio.

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