Prints/Editions (October 2020):

In common with many other artists and freelance workers, I am affected adversely by the Covid-19 pandemic, with opportunities to earn diminished significantly. I have decided to make large editions of selected photographic works available at affordable prices in a measure to offset lost income over this difficult period.

Photographs: Each print is in a signed and numbered edition of 100, will be printed on A4 260 gsm archival quality paper and is available for £25.00 or €30.00 each delivered (within UK or EU), inc. postage & packing (can be insured in transit for additional cost). A portfolio of all five prints is available for £100.00 or €120.00 delivered. 

High resolution digital downloads (as a print-ready PDF) are available of each photograph from a numbered edition of 100 at £10.00, or €12.00 each.

Moving Image: In addition, in editions of 10, Ultra HD (4K) exhibition quality copies of moving image works can be bought for £100.00 or €120.00 delivered (within UK or EU), inc. postage & packing. These will be supplied in MP4 format on a USB stick and will also include a printed still from the work on A4 260gsm archival quality paper and a signed certificate. Please see available works here. (For public exhibition enquiries please use contact details below). 

Moving image works are also available as digital downloads, in editions of 10, as 4K MP4 files and will include a still and certificate (as print-ready PDFs) for £60.00 or €70.00.

Invoice/bank transfer is preferred and can be made in either £ or €. E-mail: for details

Payment by PayPal to: (use 'notes' to specify details, please)

Also: special offers on Ko-Fi:

Photographic Editions:

(1.) Städel Museum: Bartlomeo Veneto,

Idealised Portrait of a Courtesan as Flora, (Lucrezia Borgia). c.1520-25  2013/2020

A4 archival inkjet print (image size 13 x 10 cms, approx.)

(2.) La Nuevo Arca, Bari: Gustav Klimt, The Kiss 1907-1908 (Facsimile) 2008/2020

A4 archival inkjet print (image size 10 x 13 cms, approx.)

(3.) Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: Otto Dix, Mädchen auf Fell, 1932 2008/2020

A4 archival inkjet print (image size 10 x 13 cms, approx.)

(4.) Tate Store: Allen Jones, Wet Seal, 1966  2008/2020

A4 archival inkjet print (image size 10 x 13 cms, approx.)

(5.) Tate Modern: Carl Andre, Equivalent VIII,, 1966  2008/2020

A4 archival inkjet print (image size 10 x 13 cms, approx.)

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