Archive: selected work 1992 - 2000

(l-r) Panavision #5, (When Harry Met Sally)  (2000) Panavision #6, (Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead) (2000) 

plate glass, oil paint, plywood, each 120 x 300 cms.

(installation at Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. photograph: Werner Hannappal)


Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, (CinemaScope) (1996)

monochrome wall drawing, folding stool, painting by Paul Baum, 1859 - 1932, dims. variable (main panel 200 x 532 cms.)

(installation at Neue Gallerie Dachau, Germany)


Once Upon a Time in the West, (CinemaScope) (1996)

projection, painting by Hermann Stockmann, 1867 - 1938, 26 x 45 cms. 

(installation at Neue Gallerie Dachau, Germany)


Remote Sensing # 2, (Amundsen, Scott) (1994)

wall drawing, 2 x 228 x 228 cms.

(installation at Whitechapel Art Gallery, photograph: Stephen White)


Antarctica 1:1,500,000, (Polar Stereographic with Scale in Latitude 71°) (1992)

wall drawing, 287 x 356 cms.

(photograph: Stephen White)

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